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issues. like, do you believe barack obama is a u.s. citizen? are social security and medicare socialism and do you believe barack obama is a solist. the idea is to make them unacceptable to the political middle. the tea partyers don't trust regular republicans at all. here's a tea party hero, glenn beck. >> americans have been fighting this battle in the last year through the tea parties. americans are on to the republicans, who are just really progressives. we know now i'm not going to trust somebody because they have a d. or an r. on their name. chris: andrew, the tea partyers are making the republicans sign on to this bill of particulars like the birther stuff. >> the burter stuff is deadly and a lot of people do think it. chris: deadly to whom? >> to the republican party. i think they do represent -- i think this is again bush, i have to say. they lived under eight years of an allegedly conservative president who spent and borrowed and invaded and did everything that a liberal democrat might have done. 'rtheye so furious but they repressed it now they're exploding. chris: you deal w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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